Spec Work
Potential Client: Charlotte Football club
Focus: Art Direction, Social Media Graphics, WeB Ads, motion graphics
Charlotte Football Club is a Major League Soccer team that is set to begin play in March of 2022. Having recently unveiled their new logo and branding, the club is looking to drive and promote season ticket sales through a variety of marketing collateral in preparation for their inaugural season.
My purpose was to design the inaugural season logo, along with designing tickets; both print and digital, promotional web ads and social media motion graphics.
The inaugural season logo features the club’s tertiary mark within a shield. The shield serves as an ode to defending the crown, the centrepiece of the club’s crest. The goal was to design a logo that would not only commemorate the inaugural season, but serve as a replacement or complimentary mark to the primary logo in a variety of applications.
Charlotte FC Digital Ticket Design
Charlotte FC 2022 Season Ticket Designs
Charlotte FC Season Ticket Web Ads
Images: Charlotte Football Club, Unsplash
Video Footage: Charlotte Football Club

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