Spec Work
Potential Client: Houston Texans
Focus: Art Direction, logo design, social media graphics, Marketing Research & implementation
The Houston Texans entered the National Football League in 2002 and are currently the youngest franchise in the league. In 2022, the team will celebrate its 20th season. In order to prepare for this milestone, the Texans sought out a way to develop an extension of their branding to be used for the 20th season. They required an anniversary logo, as well as marketing collateral to be shared with their fans. The Texans also sought out a way to get one of its largest sponsors, Coca-Cola, involved.
Houston Texans 20th Anniversary Banner
Texans 20th Anniversary Logo Design Process
The goal for the anniversary logo was to capture the Texans' traditions and culture. The solution was ultimately to create a modernized extension of the previous milestone logo. In order to maintain consistency from the 10th to the 20th anniversary logo, standard Arabic numerals were used rather than Roman numerals. Maintaining consistency within the milestone logos, aids in further establishing a sense of culture and tradition.
The focus for the Instagram graphics was to use desaturated skin tones in order to allow the Texans deep steel blue and battle red colours to really stand out. Placing an emphasis on the team’s colours while creating graphics that highlighted players past and present, who have left their mark on the franchise, was a way to further promote the traditions and culture of the team and create a sense of nostalgia for fans.
Coca-Cola Texans Collector Can
Inaugural Season Coca-Cola Collector Glass Bottles
In order to incorporate Coca-Cola, a commemorative collectors can was designed. When the Texans played their first season in 2002, a collectors glass bottle had been released. Releasing a commemorative can is a way to demonstrate to the fans how Coca-Cola has remained and evolved as a sponsor of the team.
Texans game featuring Coca-Cola collector can billboard.
Coca-Cola Can Web Ad and Placement
Athlete Images: National Football League, Getty Images
Background Images: Unsplash (2 Bull Photography)
Product Images: Coca-Cola, Worthpoint
Can Mockups: Anthony Boyd Graphics

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