Spec Work
Potential Client: Unsplash
Focus: Art Direction, Service Offering conception, Web ads, social media graphics
Unsplash is one of the largest sources online for freely usable images with over 2 million free high-resolution images available for download. Through Unsplash for Brands, the company has been able to generate a revenue stream by offering brands a place for paid advertising through organic posting. The platform is well known for their “Photos for Everyone” tagline, however many questions linger whether the artists posting images are at a disadvantage as they aren't supported monetarily.
Unsplash [X] answers this concern while also providing users an efficient solution to lost hours that can be spent browsing for the perfect stock image. It is a subscription based concierge image service from Unsplash which offers users the ability to submit a photo or description of what they are looking for and receive a link to a curated selection of premium images that match their needs. These premium images are not available on the free Unsplash service, they are submitted by the artists and the artists receive a certain percentage every time their image is downloaded from a curated link. This service offering provides Unsplash a new revenue stream that will enable them to continue to grow and improve their services both free and paid, while providing a method to support the artists.
My purpose, in addition to developing a new product offering for Unsplash, was to design the new service’s logo and marketing collateral. The marketing collateral designed to support the product at launch consisted of web ads both branded and sponsored (Adobe Max 2021), social media graphics and a full spread magazine ad.
Unsplash [X] Logo Banner
Unsplash [X] Logos with Grids
Various Unsplash [X] Web Ads
Unsplash [X] Instagram Sponsored Ad
Unsplash [X] 2-Page Magazine Spread
Images: Unsplash (Dylan Scarsone, Stephen Leonardi, Aron Visuals, Max Van den Oetelaar & More)
Magazine Mockup: Freepik

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