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Potential Client: Live nation, Forêt music festival
Focus: Art Direction, visual identity, social media graphics, Marketing Research & implementation
Forêt Music Festival was designed to meet the growing demand for hip-hop, electronic dance and Latin music festivals within the province of Ontario. Currently, the province sees two major festivals per year, Veld and Dreams, both of which take place within Toronto during the summer. Inspired by the success of the Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival which takes place north of the city; Algonquin Park was selected as the location to host a one of a kind hip-hop, electronic dance and Latin music experience. The Forêt Music Festival is scheduled to take place each year during the May long weekend, as the main event to kick start the summer.
Music festivals like Forêt attract guests from all over the world each year. What makes Forêt unique is its location, Algonquin Park is one of Ontario’s most popular provincial parks, surrounded by forests and beautiful scenery, the park’s landscape inspired the festival’s name; "Forêt" which is French for forest. The goal was to create a branding concept that embraces and shares a variety of aspects of Canadian culture. Combining the forest theme with hip-hop, electronic dance and Latin music festival ultimately led to narrowing down the festival’s theme to a single phrase/concept; “Neon Forest”.
Forêt Music Festival Banner with Trees
Forêt Music Festival Branding
To fully capture the neon forest theme, the colours chosen for the branding were neon variations of green and red companied with midnight navy, black and white. The neon lime represents the forests and greenery of Algonquin Park, the soft neon red represents Canadian heritage and its flag, the midnight navy and black represent the beauty of Canadian nights in the spring and the soft white represents the stars in the night skies. The logo features a silhouette of a tree, cut out of the accent circonflexe on the letter “E”. The accent is used as the brand's mark. 
Forêt Music Festival RFID wristbands
Forêt Music Festival Lanyards
Maluma Festival Poster
Martin Garrix Festival Instagram Post
Travis Scott Festival Instagram Post
Artist Images: GQ Magazine, Respective Owners
Background Images: Unsplash (Michael Benz, Danny Howe, Sebastian Unrau)
Mockups: Poster Mockup, Mockups-Design

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